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    Auspicious games can't play in the big pit


    Sep 23, 2022
    4 thoughts on “Auspicious games can't play in the big pit”
    1. Overwatch's requirements for the graphics card are still relatively high. At present, the CPU's core or some old low -end graphics cards cannot meet the requirements. This can not be found in this way. So you have to install a master Lu to check what the graphics card of this machine is. If your graphics card meets the standard, it is not found, it is estimated that it is a driver. This is better to do it. It is good to upgrade (or re -) to use Master Lu to install the driver. If you do not meet the required graphics card at all, you can only buy a graphics card. Basically, the graphics card above 1050 or 1050Ti is good. Of course, according to the resolution of the display, playing may require higher -level graphics cards.

    2. It feels like that chess and card games are like that, and it is okay to play when it's okay. If you want to experience the fun you can bring, you have to play a bigger end game, such as Douxian or something. Various main line tasks, various copies, tasks, activities, various PKs, so that you can't stop, and the unique mode of fighting and fighting, you can be a tyrant without spending money.

    3. Bulls (scientific names: BUBALUS): There are 4 types in total, bulls (bulls) are universal animal power in Asia. Wild breeds are distributed in India, Nepal, Bhutan and Thailand, and northern Australia. The number is very rare. The people of the people are distributed in the Philippine Citizen Dulo Island, with only about 200 heads; mountain buffalo and low -ground buffalo are distributed in the Suraway Islands in Indonesia. The number is also scarce. (ANOA), the "World Nature Conservation Alliance" (IUCN) put these two genus into the "bull", indicating that the classification is controversial. Inhabits virgin forests and swamps, separate or paired or small group activities, in the morning and fainting for eaten aquatic plants, all buffalo is endangered species. There are only four species of buffalo. The smallest body is low-bouncing, also known as dwarf buffalo, with a body length of 180 cm; the shoulder height is 80-90 cm; the tail is 40 cm; the weight is 150-300 kg. The hair color is dark brown, and the male is darker than the female color. When the young is born, it is reddish -brown and orange. Low buffalo is marked with white crescent crescent labels on the head and lower limbs. The biggest body is also known as wild buffalo, with a body length of 2.4-3 meters, a shoulder height of 1.5-1.9 meters, and a weight of 1000-1200 kg. It is a large -sized hoof animal. The water leather is thick and the sweat glands are extremely underdeveloped. It needs to be soaked in water and heat dissipation when heat, so it is named Nmei. The physique is stout, sparsely sparse, mostly gray -black; the horns are thick and flat, and bent to the back; the hoof is large, the texture is solid, soaked, the knee joint and the ball festival are flexible, and can walk freely in the mud; buffalo auricle is more compared Short, the head of the head is narrow, the back of the back of the back, the back of the back, the back and back, and the corners are relatively slender. I hope I can help you solve doubt.

    4. The basic obedience of the dog's coordination of dogs will be trained in 3 months. In this way, usually dogs can basically reasonable the meaning of the instructions you said ~ You can start formal training. In fact, the dog training is to repeat what you want to let the dog do. Encourage or criticize ~ In this way, it will form conditional reflexes ~ It is actually very simple to raise a dog ~ You must not be doting for dogs ~ You must eat it when you should eat it. It is hungry ~ It comes back to a word ~ ​​Raising dogs must be fed strictly in accordance with the rules ~ the problem of urination ~ In fact, it is easy to solve ~ Dogs must be pulled within half an hour after eating ~ ~这时候你就可以~在它一吃完~就把它拉到你指定的排泄地点~没拉完不能离开~跑的话就训斥它~但是最好不要打~这样反复几次~也就形成Condition reflection ~

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