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    Bruce Lee has played a total of many movies?


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    The best name is attached, especially beautiful!

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    1. Best Answer Li Bruce Lee Film Complete Works
      Five masterpieces:
      "Brother Tangshan" (1971)
      "Jingwumen" (1972)
      "Dragon Fighting Tiger" (1973)
      "Death Game" (1973)

      Chinese name: Jingwumen
      English name: Fist of Fury
      Director: Luowei Lo
      (Hong Kong)
      region: Hong Kong (Shooting)
      Divisions: Mandarin Cantonese
      Specifications: Simple Fan Yingying
      Rating: 6.6/10 (1306 ticket)
      Sound: Mono
      Time: 110 minutes
      Type: plot action
      Holding: 15 Argentina: 13 UK: 18 West Germany: 18 United States: R Norway: 18 Hong Kong: 18 Hong Kong: 18 Hong Kong: 18 Hong Kong: 18 Hong Kong: Iib South Korea: 15

      The plot introduction:
      The first three years of the Min Yuan, Wulin hero Huo Yuanjia's martial arts and their patriotism are the most jealous of the Japanese. It was poisoned by chronic poisons to use chronic poisons. Huo's fifth disciple Chen Zhen (Bruce Lee) rushed back to the martial arts. He was in a sore mood, and he was in front of the master all day long.
      The next day, the Japanese Karate Museum sent someone to send a plaque with the "East Asian sick husband", and threatened to challenge the entire Chinese martial arts world. Chen Zhen did not shot because of the obstruction of his brother. After the Japanese left, Chen Zhen came to the Karate Hall alone. He taught the Taoist and coaches with a strong Chinese Kung Fu. In this fight, Bruce Lee first demonstrated his amazing skills on the screen: double -cut sticks, which made the world surprised by his shortness and power. At that time, some martial artists had marveled that the lens of Bruce Lee dancing dance was already worth the ticket price!
      During the backbone gate, Chen Zhen passed a park and saw a wooden sign outside the door that "dogs and Chinese are not allowed to be inside." The Japanese were cleaned up in front of people, making everyone clap!
      It back to Jingwumen, Jingwumen has been smashed by the people who came to revenge on the Karate Hall, and many brothers were seriously injured. The Japanese also called Jingwumen to call Chen Zhen. Everyone advised Chen Zhen to leave Shanghai, and Chen Zhen could only agree on the surface. Through a secret investigation, Chen Zhen learned about the real brother behind the murder.
      Late at night, Chen Zhen sneaked into the Karate Hall, waved his fist, and made the foreigners in the Taoist Museum. Fighting spirit, with a enemy, reported revenge for the dead master. Although he died under the police gun of the siege Jingwumen, he left a history of admiration for all Chinese people.

      Arecreasury table:
      Bruce Lee Lee ... chen zhen
      CHANG Chun-HSIA
      ... ... ... yen
      Robert Baker ... Petrov
      fu ching chen ... chao
      san chin .. .. tung
      yin-chiefh han .... FENG KWAI-SHER
      riki Hoshimoto .... Hiroshi suzuki
      jun arimura .... Susukis Bodyguard
      CHUNG-HSIN Huang ... . Tien
      quin lee ... Hsu
      Tianfeng feng tien .... fan
      yin chi lee .... li
      tony liu .... chin

      Foreign language aliases:
      Chinese, the (1973) (USA)
      fist of fury (uk)
      iron hand, the (1972)
      laugh track: chinese (2003 ) (USA) (Video Title (Rebbed Comic Version)
      SCHOOL for Chivalry (USA)

      Chinese name: Dragon Fighting Tiger n English name: ENTER the DRAGON
      Director: Robert Clouse
      Starring: Bruce Lee Jackie Chan Norris Bolo Yeung Sammo Hung Kam-Bo Peter Mike Bissell Ahna Capri NHNA Capri March 26 (Hong Kong)
      Region: Hong Kong (Shooting Land)
      Division: Mandarin Cantonese
      Subtitles n color: color
      Sound: Mono DTS Dolby Digital
      Time: 98 minutes
      Types: Criminal plot action

      The plot introduction:
      This is the peak work of Bruce Lee's heyday.
      To Lin produced two high -apprentices Han Li, Han Zao's rebels, bought a solitary island to prosecute the king, and bought a group of thugs to secretly produce drug production. People on the island are not allowed to carry weapons, and outsiders are not allowed to enter and exit, except for the three -year -old World Combat Conference.
      The commissioned by the master, Li participated in the contest under the police arrangement. As a player, he sneaked into the island of Han Tuoguan. After the welcome meeting that night, Li deeply investigated the basement of the island and injured several guards.
      The next day, Li appeared against Han's Deli assistant Ao Jiada, and Ao Jiada was the murderer of Li's relatives. As soon as Li played, he showed his beyond the speed of punch, and he knocked Ao to the ground at a very short speed. Ao Jiada was so angry that he knew that he was not an opponent and attempted to calculate Li, and Li did not give him a chance. After a few more kicks, Li Zhao, who was unbearable, killed Ao on the ring.
      In after the competition, Han brought American player William to his study. It turned out that he suspected that it was Williams who sneaked into the basement last night and brutally killed him. Han also fancy as the American master Lu Bai, and took him to the basement to intimidate him to join. That night, Li once again went deep into the basement and called the police for help with the police. Li's rushing thugs fell into flowers. In this fight, Bruce Lee used three weapons: Qi Mei Stick, Philippine Short Stick, and Pleuifice Sticks, all of which made it fascinating. Fully show his familiarity and proficiency in various weapons.
      I was eventually trapped by the agency in the basement and was taken to the ring. Han tried to kill Li Bo, but was rejected by strict words. The Hercules sent by Han were defeated by Lu Bo. The shameful Han nest came out, asking all the thugs to catch Li and Lu together. At this time, the islanders who were underground by Han Guan got the help of the underworld to escape from prison and launch a large -scale fight with Han's men!
      The Li Chao Han to a secret room, the walls of the secret room were all glass, which made Li lose his direction and was almost calculated by Han. When confused, Li remembered the master's teachings: "Defeating the phantom is to defeat the enemy's true body." Li crushed the glass in the room angrily, and a powerful side kick would fall out of the unscrupulous Korean and cleaned the portal of Shaolin.

      Actor table:
      Bruce Lee ... Lee
      john saxon .... Roper
      Capri ... Tania
      ANGELA MAO .... su Lin
      Jim Kelly Jim Kelly ... Williams
      Yeung .... Bolo
      betty chung .... mei ling
      geoffrey weeks ....
      peter archer .... Parsons
      ho lee yan .... Old man
      marlene class .... Secretary
      allan kent .... Golfer
      William Keller ... Los Angeles Cop

      Foreign language aliases:
      deadly three (1973 1973 )
      long zheng Hu Dou (1973)
      operation dragon (1973) (eUROPE: English Title)

      mpaa: r for martial arts violence and briefing nudity. r . n
      Chinese name: Raptors Crossing the river
      English name: Way of the Dragon
      Director: Bruce Lee
      Starring: Bruce Lee Chake Norris André E Morgan Robert Baker Jon T. Benn Russell Cawthorne Unicorn Chan Fu Ching CHIN
      Release: December 30, 1972 (Hong Kong) n: Hong Kong (shooting place) n Division: White: Mandarin Cantonese English Italian
      Subtitles: Simple Fan Fan Ying
      Rating: 6.6/10 (1402 votes)
      Colors: color
      Sound: Mono
      Light: 100 minutes r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r
      type: crime plot action r
      Holocated: Sweden: 15 Sweden: (Banned) Finland: (Banned) Britain: 18 Canada: 14a West Germany: 18 United States: 12 Norway: 18
      n Plot Introduction: r r r r r r r
      Tang Long (Bruce Lee) is a young man in Hong Kong. He is entrusted by his uncle and goes to Rome to assist the restaurant manager Chen Qinghua (Miao Kexiu). Restaurants are often threatened by a group of commercial groups, forcing them to betray the land of the restaurant, and often send gangsters to nourish, and the restaurant business is every day.
      The first time Tang Long arrived in Rome, he was unaccustomed to local customs, and made Tsinghua and restaurants' buddies disgusted. One day, the gangster came to make trouble again, and a guy was fainted. Tang Long shot angrily and knocked down the gangsters with three or two tricks. Everyone looked at him and China.
      but the leader of the Commercial Group did not give up, gathered a group of gangsters to destroy the restaurant, and pointed out that Tang Long would be revealed. Tang Long returned to the restaurant from the outside, and the gangster forced him to leave Rome immediately. Tang Long hypocritical agreed that after the gangster walked out of the restaurant, he poured the gangsters one by one. In this fight, Bruce Lee showed the power of his double -two sticks. He faced multiple enemies calmly. The second stick hit the opponent at the speed that was not as fast as the speed of the thunder.
      The gangster leader issued a assassination order. On New Year's Eve, a blocking player was ordered to assassinate Tang Long, but Tang Long escaped and tracked the killer with his agile skills. He returned home and found that Tsinghua had been caught by the gangster. The anger Tang Long and the guy taught the gangsters's nest, taught all the gangsters fiercely, and warned the gangsters again not to make trouble.
      The shame gangsters invited the national karate champion and his apprentices at a high price. In addition, he also invited the masters of the airway and set up a trap to try to kill Tang Long.
      But Tang Long finally defeated the enemy with a strong martial arts and tenacious fighting spirit, and annihilated the gangsters. This battle can be described as the most exciting martial arts shots in Bruce Lee's life, because he is facing two Royis and Robw Wall who has won the international karate championship. The contest of Chinese kung fu and karate is inevitably missed by the audience.

      Arebalist table:
      Bruce Lee Lee ... Tang Lung (a.k.a. Dragon)
      Reese chuck norris .... COLT
      PING-AO Wei .... Ho
      chung-hsin huang .... Fred)
      ing-sikWHANG .... Japanese Fighter
      Robert Baker Robert Baker .... Thug/Extra ()
      JON T. Benn .... Boss ()
      ricardo billie .... Extra ()
      russell cawthorne .... Bank President ()
      unicorn channel nrubert Chen .... Robert ()
      john .... Thug ()

      Foreign language aliases:
      Fury of the dragon (1972) (Europ: English Title)
      return of the dragon (1972)
      revenge of the dragon (1985) (USA) (Cable TV Title)
      way of the dragon (1972)
      n Chinese name: death game game of Deth
      English name: Game of deth
      Directors: Bruce Lee Sammo Hung Kam-Bo
      Starring: Bruce Lee Lee Abdal Kareem Abl-Jabbar Chuck Norris André E. Morgan Sammo Hung Kam-Bo Robert Baker Robert Baker COLLEEN CAMP Russell Cawthorne n (Hong Kong)
      region: Hong Kong
      Disarantment: English
      Subtitles: Simple Fan Fan Ying
      Score: 5.3/10 (1076 votes)
      Colors: color
      Sound: Mono Stereo
      Time: 85 minutes
      Type: plot action short film
      Holding: 18 West Germany: 18 United States: R Dutch: 12 Norway: 18 Korea: 15

      The plot profile:
      Kung Fu superstar Ruilile (Bruce Lee) encountered strange accidents in the movie studio, but fortunately no damage. It turned out that he was favored by Dr. Lan, the leader of the gangster, and Lan has repeatedly tried to throw, win Lu to join his gang, and even intimidate his girlfriend, but Lu oath is different.
      . Before a few times, the killer raid one after another. Lu Zheng planned to take his girlfriend Li out for a temporary avoidance, but the dark arrow was difficult to prevent. During a movie shooting, Lu gave the gunman Stis a serious injury, so Lu Lu was scheduled to die, and he died, and he died, and he died, and he died, and he died, and he died, and he died. Starting planning for Dr. Lan during the treatment.
      In blue group to Macau attempts to manipulate gambling for profit, Lu Qiao pretended to dress, sneaking into the blue apartment injured Lan and several thugs. Lan started to doubt Lu's "death". Then, Macau held a world karate competition. Lan sent the master to play. During the competition, Lu's girlfriend rushed to the field and wanted to assassinate Lan to revenge. Lu immediately stopped.
      After the match, Lu Qian entered the player's dressing room and defeated the blue karate champion. Lanpai went to Lu's cemetery to investigate and finally learned that Lu did not die. The shameful blue stood held Li and ordered Lu to reach a cargo cabin a little late at night. With Gao Qiang's skills, Lu defeated him one by one.
      Lu Lianye's criminal institution rushed to Blue, and decided to exhaust it. Who knows that three masters ambush in the building. In order to strengthen the scene of martial arts, Bruce Lee invited the Philippines's Elishan Master and the Korean master who was famous for its schemes in the international martial arts world. Xiaolong also specially invited Kalimia Erjal Jabal to come from the United States to Hong Kong. Jabal is a star player of the American professional basketball team of 220 cm tall. He is well -known and is one of Bruce Lee's apprentices.
      The first -level and Philippine masters are the essence of the whole drama. Li and Yili Mountain use the same equipment, different players, and high -level stick methods. Let the audience dazzle Lu after a few hardships, passed the pass, and approached a layer by layer, and finally crushed Dr. Lan's criminal gang.
      In "Death Game", Bruce Lee is more than 2 minutes long than the Philippine master Alex, which makes you breathless!

      Arecreasury table:
      Bruce Lee ... Billy Lo
      Dr. Land
      Gig Young ... Jim Marshall
      TAI Chung Kim ... Billy Lo
      · Wall Robert Wall ... Carl Miller
      Abu Dudu-Jabl-Jabbar .... hakim
      mel novak ....tick
      hugh obrian ... Steiner
      Tian Jun James Tien ... CHARLIE WANG
      DAN Inosanto ... Pasqual
      Chakk Norris .... Fighter (Archive Footage)
      roy chao. ... Henry Lo
      russell cawthorne .... Surgeon

      Foreign language aliases:
      Bruce Lees Game of deth (1978)
      goodbye bruce lee: His last game of def ( 1978)
      Si Wang you ju (1978)

      Chinese name: Death Tower
      English Name: Game of Death II
      Director: Sammo Hung Kam-Bo Yuankui Corey yuen
      Starring: Bruce Lee Roy Chao Roy Horan Jang Lee Hwang Hoi San Lee Casanova Wong Biao Yuen Shun-Yee Yuen N release: March 21, 1981 (Hong Kong)
      Region: Hong Kong
      Division: Cantonese
      Subtitles: Simple Fan Fan Ying
      Rating: 4.6/10 (157 votes)
      Colors: color
      Sound: Mono
      time length : 86 minutes
      Type: Mysterious action
      Holding: Hong Kong: IIA United States: R Norwegian: 18

      The plot introduction:
      Li Zhenqiang's world of Qin Gu suddenly violently violent, Zhenqiang doubted his death. In the funeral, helicopter snapped the coffin outside , Zhenqiang died in an accident. Zhenqiang's brother Li Zhenma dived in martial arts in the Buddha's light room for many years.
      Bruce Lee ... Billy Lo/Lee ​​Chen-chiang
      roy chao ... Abbot
      roy horan ....
      hoi san lee ... Monk Fighter
      casanova wong ... Korean Fighter
      -Yee yuen .... Monk ()
      tai chung kim .... Bobby Lo/Lee ​​Chen-Kuo
      miranda Austin ... Angel
      n Foreign aliases:
      game of deth II (1981) (USA)
      new game of deth, the (1981) (USA)
      tower of deth (1981)
      rated r for some violence and nudity.

      Chinese name: Tangshan Brother
      English name: The big boss
      Director: wu chia hsiang Luowei Lo
      Starring: Bruce Lee Bruce Lee CHAO Chen Hui-YI Chen TSO CHIN Chin-Chieh Han Lin Zhengying Ching-Yang Lam Quin Lee
      Release: October 03, 1971 (Hong Kong) n: Hong Kong (shooting location) r r r r r r
      Division: Cantonese Mandarin
      Rotary score: 6.2/10 (1131 votes)
      Colors: color
      Sound: Mono
      Time length: 100 minutes
      Type: plot action r r r r r r r r r
      Rounds: Spain: 18 Australia: M Britain: 18 Argentina : 16 West Germany: 18 United States: R Dutch: 12 Norway: 18 United States: X Hong Kong: IIB

      The plot introduction:
      Zheng Chaoan was sent to Thailand by his mother to work in an ice plant people. Due to his mother's instructions, he was often embarrassed with the humiliation of local bulls and supervisors. Who knows that the boss is hiding the drugs in the ice on the ice in the ice, and the workers who know that the secret workers have been poisoned one by one.
      Watching the workers' successive missed disappearance, the workers began to doubt the factory and protest. The factory gathered a group of thugs to attempts to suppress the workers' resistance. Zheng Chao finally couldn't bear it, making the fast and sharp leg skills, and knocked the thugs one by one. Zheng Chaoan was determined to find out the truth, but at the beginning, he almost fell into the rape set by the boss. When the boss was revealed, he secretly sent the fighters to kill all the remaining workers and captured a female worker.
      In Zheng Chaoan dived into the ice plant in the ice plant late at night, and found that the bodies of the icing missing workers were furious. They fought against the thugs who came, and knocked all the thugs and the boss. The next day, Zheng Chao'an came to the boss's house, asking for blood debt to the ruthless boss, and the final decisive battle began ...

      Actor table:
      yin-chieh han .... Hsiao Mi ( The boss)
      Bruce Lee ... Cheng Chao -an
      Tian Jun James Tien .... hsiu chien
      tony Liu .... hsiao chiun (mis son)
      quin lee ... li Quin
      . Hua sze
      chao chen .... Foreman
      chia chic .... uncle
      tso Chen ....
      hui-yi chen ....
      -Ying Lam .... Ah Yen (Chengs Cousin)
      cheng ying tu ....

      Foreign aliases:
      big boss, the (1971)
      china mountain big Brother (1971) (Hong Kong: English Title) (Literal Title)
      fists of fury (USA)
      fists of glory (1971)
      tong Saan Daaa9 ( 1971) (hong Kong

    2. 37 parts

      The 1940 movie "Golden Gate Girl" 1948 movie "Rich and Floating Clouds" 1949 movie "Mengli Shi Shi" 1950 movie "Bruce Lee Symbol" 1950 movie "Ling Xiao Guyan" 1951 1951 The 1953 movie "The Bitter Lights" in the 1953 movie "Mother Tears" 1953 The movie "Father's Over" 1953 movie "Ten Thousand People" 1953 movie "Dangerous Tower Chunxiao" 1955 movie "Love" (Upper, next episodes) In 1955, the movie "Lone Star Blood Tears" 1955 The movie "Shouyun Kai Seeing the Moon" 1955 movie "Orphan Fighting Destiny" 1955 movie "Children's Debt" 1955 movie "Xu Ep hose" The 1956 movie "I knew I was married at the beginning" 1957 movie "Thunderstorm" 1957 movie "Sweet Sister" 1959 movie "Human Sea Guhong 1966 TV series" Green Bee Man "1967 TV series" Batman " - Guesting 1967 TV series "Invincible Iron Detective" -guest appearances in the 1968 TV series "Destruction Force" -whaistoscopy 1968 TV series "Scandal Blood" 1968 TV series "Cute Woman" -The Journey of the Warriors 1968 TV series "Bride's Bride" Driving "" Public "Walking in Spring Rain" in the 1969 TV series -Martial Arts Director's 1971 TV series "Blinds Chasing Murder" -Wu Shi 1971 movie "Brother Tangshan" 1972 movie "Jingwumen" 1972 movie "Raptors" Crossing the river "Kirin Palm in 1973 (also known as" Boxing Boxing ") ——Amart director 1973 movie" Dragon Fighting Tiger Fighting "1973 movie" Death Game " -The original" Death Game "was not completed, only Bruce Lee The clip editing, the rest of Tang Long (formerly known as Kim Tai) performed the 1973 movie "Death Tower" -due to Bruce Lee's sudden death, Jiahe can only use some editing clips of Bruce Lee in "The Game of Death" plus South Korea Actor Tang Long's performance was made up.

    3. Bruce Lee's early works include "Fine Roads" and "Human Sea Lonely", which reflected good, but he appeared on the screen as a child star. His masterpieces include "Brother Tangshan", "Jingwu Gate", "Raptors Crossing the River", "Dragon Fighting Tiger" and "Death Game". These are all classics in classics. Each one creates a Hong Kong box office record, and "Dragon Fighting Tiger Fighting" is an epoch -making giant film. This film has more than 200 million US dollars in the world, causing a strong sensation. Essence

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