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    Can the mobile game modifier modify the networking game?


    Sep 23, 2022
    4 thoughts on “Can the mobile game modifier modify the networking game?”
    1. cannot.
      The investment and cost of developing mobile game products are relatively small, and there are more SPs that enter the market. However, due to the influence of factors such as technology and cost investment, most SPs are lacking from the design of the game solution process to the task design. The quality of the game is rough, and the product quality is relatively small.
      The life cycle of mobile game products is usually about 3 months, so it is important to understand the needs of users and develop the products popular with users, but at the same time how to maintain the stickiness of the game products question.
      Extension information:
      game features:
      1, huge potential user base: global mobile phones have exceeded 1 billion units, and this number is increasing every day. In various developed countries other than the United States, mobile phone users are more than computer users. The potential market for mobile games is larger than any other platforms, such as Gameboy.
      2. Portability and mobility: In the era of console game, one reason for gameboy is to be portable -people can immerse themselves in their favorite games anytime, anywhere, and they can buy their favorite equipment or anywhere anytime, anywhere pet.
      Compared with the game console or PC, although mobile phones may not be an ideal game device, after all, people always carry them at any time, so mobile games are likely to be the first choice for people's pastime time.
      Reference information Source: Baidu Encyclopedia-Mobile Game

    2. Modifying online games is prohibited by online game operators. The usual method is to use plug -ins, but using plug -in needs to be dangerous and risky by the operator's delete name.
      and most of the plug -in can do some replacement manual work, such as:
      1. There is no problem with automatic blood adding blood, because the amount of blood has been sent to the local area. Adding blood when necessary, adding blood itself is just a movement, which can be handed over to the plug -in to do it. Similarly, automatic magic, automatic gas, automatically return to the city, automatically return monsters, sell money automatically, and then automatically go back to pick up, automatic leveling, etc. can be done.
      2. The process of selling things is very classic: When selling things, it is actually telling the server that one thing has been sold. The real process is to send a packet of a specific item. If this packet is correct, the server will go towards it. The game account plus a certain amount of money, and then feedback some information. If the packet is incorrect, it will naturally not sell the money. Therefore, you can use plug -in to continuously send packets to the server. Without selling, the server keeps giving money. This is the so -called brushing. If the packet is not encrypted, then this function is very easy to implement. If the packet is encrypted, it can actually be done, just to decrypt, a little more complicated. Similarly, you can use fake money to buy things (no money). Attack and increased defense are similar.

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