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    Fireman Sam Lyrics


    Sep 23, 2022
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    1. Song Title: Fireman Sam
      Singer: Four Marks Primary School
      Album: Hello Children Children Sing-A-LONG PARTY
      NARTIST: Lil Wayne nalbum: THA Carter II II
      year: 2005
      title: Fireman Print
      uh huh, imback What CHA, uh whatcha gon do now? nim the fireman nfire, fa, fireman
      i Got That Fire Im Hollering
      I GOT That Fire Come and Try Me and
      YOU Can Spark it up and ima put you out
      ain nobody fuckin with me man, heatman nsk represent Weeks Cash, He Fast
      AND I DONT EVEN NEED A G Pass IM Pass that
      im passing em out now and you can have that
      and my channel rnGotta be abstractrnYou catch my gal legs open betta smash thatrnDont be surprise if she ask where the cash atrnI see she wearing them jeans that show her butt crackrnMy girls Cant Wear that why, thats where my stash at
      i put my mack down thats where you lack at
      She Need Her Candlelit and IMA WAX that ni ReKindle the Flame rnShe remember the namernIts Weezy Baby January December the samernMama gimme that brainrnMama gimme that goodrnCause Im the firemanrnYou hear the firetruckrnFresh on campus its the Birdman JrrnMoney too long teachers put away ya rulersrnRaw tune not a cartoonrnNo shirt, tattoos, and some war woundsrnIm hot but the car coolrnShe wet thats a carpoolrnBeen in that water since a youngin you just shark foodrnQuick Draw McGraw I went to art schoolrnYeah the lights is bright but I got a short fusernDont snoozer nBeen handling the game so long my thumb bruisernYa new is old newsrnYeen got enough green and she so blue yeahrnCash Money Records where dreams come truern is easy baby leave it up to Weezy baby
      Put it in the port it Steam let it brew
      now watch it medium A-wheelie
      Who? Weezy baby or call me young baby
      my Money 360, you only 180
      half of the game too lazy
      still sleepin on me But im bout to wake em nyep! Im Bout to need orleans and bake em nyeah its hot rnCome on mama let The Carter make yarnToss ya like a fruit salad -grape yarnThey ball when they can and Im ballin by naturernAddicted to the game like Jordan and Paytonr nyall in a race and me im at the fin, line
      they running for too long its time mine
      straight double n

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