• Tue. Sep 27th, 2022

    How do the game modifier modify the game? How to use specific methods?


    Sep 23, 2022
    3 thoughts on “How do the game modifier modify the game? How to use specific methods?”
    1. 1. First download a sesame cake game modifier. We can download it in some application markets. Search in the pea pods to see the installation of one -button installation to the phone.
      2. After downloading, the phone can be opened directly. If you do not obtain ROOT permissions, you can use Master Zhuo to get it. Essence You can see the one -click ROOT button on Baidu search and install.
      3. After downloading the cake modifier, open the application. The first time I need ROOT permissions to prompt me here, so I can do it after entering directly. Above.
      4, then run the game on your mobile phone, here is a more popular temple now to demonstrate the gold coins of the game for two laps
      5, and then enter your game store Modified value.

    2. Download the gamebuff modifier,
      find the game you need to modify;
      The content you need to modify, click "Add a buff"
      Enter the picture description
      Please click in the picture description

    3. Is it troublesome to find a stand -alone game modifier? Hengyou game network stand -alone game resource modifier to help you, one -click to collect major stand -alone game DLC, MOD tools, use this artifact to easily download major stand -alone game modifiers with one click, it is really convenient!

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