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    How to add friends in the WeChat game circle


    Sep 23, 2022
    One thought on “How to add friends in the WeChat game circle”
    1. Add a friend's step in the WeChat game circle In the WeChat friend column of the friend page, we can click on the invitation of WeChat friends in the lower right corner to invite friends in WeChat to play this game. When we interact with our WeChat friends in the game of the glory of the king, the system will automatically add the two parties as a game friend to be consistent with the game server played by both parties.
      Apple system can only correspond to the Apple system, and cannot interact with WeChat friends in Android. If you know the name of the characters of WeChat friends, you can search for this person by adding the search function in the friend dialog box. After searching, add it as a friend, and the other party agrees.
      The WeChat game circle characteristics
      WeChat loss friend circle is a very fun H5 mini game. Players can enter the game through the WeChat public account. Players can fight side by side with their friends.
      It one -click to easily operate, super high free free construction gameplay, let you create your exclusive dream home.

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