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    How to play a stand -alone game Mark Payne. At the beginning of the game, the character appeared in the warehouse. There was a car. How can the door be opened to open it?


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    1. 1st floor
      Marx Payne 2 Full Strategy

      s of cases

      , The Darkness Inside

      The opening

      Max is awake in the hospital from the illusion, straight out of the door and right to a operating room. With the fantasy with Na, walked out of the room door and walked into the opposite room, answered the phone and walked to a operating room on the right side of the exit door. He saw a person lie on the ground, and a gangster walked in and picked up the gun. After going out, I turned right to the elevator entrance after I was awake, took the elevator to go downstairs, went out to talk to Jim, Jim was killed by the gunman suddenly killed, the gangsters blew up the elevator MAX and were forced into the elevator. , Entering the previous operating room, a woman was lying on the operating table.

      1, Elevator doors

      Max take a car to a warehouse, get out of the car to hear the gunfire upstairs, pass through the iron door on the right, enter the warehouse from the end door, enter the warehouse When I heard a woman crying, I went in and saw it. It turned out to be the sound of the TV, a false shock! But Max felt wrong, and continued to search. A security guard suddenly appeared in front of the door. MAX stepped forward and took him out. The security guard opened a pull gate. Max went in to search. Kill them agile, pass through the high shelves, go to the left of the warehouse to open a door, go in and kill two security guards, open a door on the left and go in a staircase, kill along the staircase, go to the top of the building, enter the room inside the room inside Pay attention to the green cabinet and safe on the wall to get ammunition and blood. (In the future, pay attention to searching the cabinet, and there will be an extraordinary gain!)

      In the voice of the room in the innermost room, MAX through the door seam, seeing a woman was forced by two security guards, While Max entered, the woman was shot by security guards. After solving the security guard, she went out and encountered a group of security guards and killed! When several security guards retreated, the heroine Na appeared. She solved the security guards. Max wanted to take the elevator to meet Na, but the elevator door could not be opened. From the other door to a high frame, killing the security guards downstairs, the door in front could not be opened. When the elevator's mouth was opened, after taking the elevator to downstairs, he walked all the way, killing the enemy along the way, chasing outside the warehouse, and the enemy's leader ran away by car. At this time, the police also arrived ...

      2, A Criminal

      Max tail chase a waste building. After checking the blood agent at the corpse on the right side of the lobby on the first floor of the first floor, open it along the stairs and open a door. The gunfire was in the inside. Max entered the meeting with Youzi Mike and went upstairs to the end of the door at the end of the door to solve the enemy inside. Go out from the end of the room, kill along the stairs, go through the yellow door at the end of the stairs, kill the enemy that appears, turn left and go along the stairs, go through the door on the second floor to enter the room, green on the wall of the end, green The cabinet was supplied, passed through the right door, killed the enemy on the platform, and passed through the opposite door after going down the scaffolding on the side. To a hall, there were many enemies, and they were dark! Pay attention to more. After a while, after Max killed an enemy from a door, he passed through the end of the end, and Max entered into a white man.

      3, the depths of my brain

      Max dreams, and the knocking sounds are faintly heard. Some people have a photo from the door gap. Once, Max chased out ... Incentive returned to the operating room at the beginning. The corpse of the corpse in the corpus cabinet slowly moved out. In another illusion, a group of policemen shot at MAX, and Max ran away ... In the police station, Max was questioned in turn, and suddenly Max lost his rationalist men and women who took the gun to shoot.

      4, no "us" in this

      Max wakes up from the dream. When I hear someone knocked on the door, it turned out to be Na! When Max talked with Na to the window sill, there was a sniper on the opposite building shot at this side. After Na avoided the room, MAX was separated from the sniper after answering the phone next door, and went out after picking up the supply of the room after picking up the supply of the room. Go straight, a woman on the left at the end killed the bad guy who broke in. During the conversation, the woman gave MAX a shotgun and some supplies. Max told the woman to close the door and return to the aisle. I had to jump out of the window, be careful to jump along the window sill, solve the enemy killed by the black car, enter another room, and see an old man sleeping on the TV, jumping to the outside window sill, entering another building, and entering another building. Killing the enemy's enemy, walking to the aisle to see a red -clothes woman, she opened her room for MAX and gave MAX some supplies. Max jumped out of the window from the woman. The room, got a sniper rifle, and saw the enemy who broke into his room was bombarded by the bomb placed by Na in advance. Before Max left the room, he got the supply in the photo room next to the photo. Top the elevator to kill the rushing enemy downstairs. Search all the way to the basement to see a cleaner, told him to stay in place. Max who could not find the way out had to be returned. A door, kill the enemy from a room, enter the room! Jump from the window of the room to the outside window sill, walk to the end carefully to the next layer of window sills, and shoot the enemy on the opposite window with a sniper gun, continue to walk from a window sill, carefully jump to the next layer of window sill, and go straight into a room. Pass through the room, enter the next section
      3, amog-nar

      Max was shot by the enemy and hit a folk room after being shot by the enemy, max was injured, and went straight to the staircase to kill and appeared. The enemy, up to the top of the building, there was no way to go. When I saw the left wall cracking, after destroying it, I walked into the inside, and after solving several enemies, I got the supply from watching the elderly room of the TV. Enter another room, kill the enemy upstairs, get the ammunition, go down to the second floor, go out from the left door. After entering the inside, carefully jump to the opposite room along the wooden frame to kill the enemy downstairs. Go upstairs and enter the right side. After the room, after solving the enemy, be careful to walk into the opposite building along the wooden frame. When you meet the gangster, Max pretends to be his associate, kill them on the street. After the enemy on the street is solved, MAX will send these "friends cubs" and send these "friends cubs". On the west, a black eats black! The car and iron wire burning at the end of the street have blocked the road. Max can only pass through the door from the right. Suddenly kill a black car and solve the gunner. The clown to protect.

      4, dearest of all my friend

      Faced with the continuous influx of the enemy, Max should be careful to protect the clown. Basically, just follow the clown. Pay attention to collecting supplies along the way, kill all chasing soldiers, and return to the clown's house. After the attack. Max resolved the enemy after the enemy, and jumped downstairs with a clown. At the same time, the enemy drove and killed. Suddenly broke the door, MAX came down and went downstairs to the parking lot with the clown after killing the enemy. After killing a group of enemies that caught up, driving with the clown to evacuate.

      5, alosing game

      Na rushed to the fire room to find the whereabouts of MAX. After entering the room, walk down the stairs and jump into the floor hole on the opposite side to the lower floor. After going out, turn right and jump to the tilt floor. Next, jump off the opposite room and be careful to avoid fire and explosion. The red explosive should not be too close. When you walk to the end of the room, there is no way, and the fire increases. What should I do? With a burst of explosion, a large hole appeared on the right side of Na, and hurriedly jumped in. Enter the room inside, a burst of explosion, a beam was bombed tilted. Na's tilted beam jumped to a tall table and jumped down to the right. Go straight through the gap, walk inside to open a fire valve, sprinkle the water sprinkled with the water sprinkled with the water sprinkled with water. Weakened the fire on the road. Na picked up the supplies next to it and walked forward. There were several sets of transformers in front of the front. Seeing the dead clown, continue to go up The staircase of the noodles see MAX .......

      6, there are nohappy endings

      The leader was caught off guard. In the illusion, Max saw himself lying in a blood pool, and a group of policemen were next to it ......... Max suddenly returned to the police station, the red suit man in front was being first -aid MAX into the enters into The interrogation room saw that I was looking at myself with a gun. After the shooting, I "ran away by myself. Max chased into a lane -style aisle without the ceiling. Remember to go forward. If there is an intersection, turn left and see Na kissed him. It turned out that Na was doing artificial breathing for MAX in reality.

      7, love hares

      Max and Na to kill the leader old nest, MAX and Na soldiers After two. Max to kill the enemy outside the parking lot, enter the building from the right door, kill the enemy in the hall, the cunning enemies explode the pillars and ceiling through the remote control bomb, and want to settle it to death. Max one by one and enter the room and enter the room in one one by one. The small garden fought with the enemy, Max called Na left, Na opened the switch MAX to enter the open window. In a room with a lot of large cabinets in a large cabinet and the enemy, killing the enemy from a door. Enter a four -week wall with the Hall of Eve with the Eve of Eve, another kill! Enter the stairs of the opposite door all the way to the stairs, get the supply in the monitoring room cabinet on the second floor. Zuo turned, and in a courtyard with a fruit tree, Na opened the door of the door and opened the door of the building inside. Max just wanted to walk in, and suddenly Na stunned Max ...

      8, that old famlia feling

      In after the field, Max began to chase the root of evil ---- man in white. After passing through the door There are yellow barrels in the place. There are electronic instruments on the barrel that are constantly flashing, and the rapid beeping sounds. Max thought that when I first entered the door, I was blown by the remote -controlled bomb when I first entered the door. Covering, I had to hide into a tilted carriage, and quickly closed the door! There was a loud noise screaming, so dangerous! What a vicious head! Max has vowed to chase, jumping down the elevator well on the right Lo Luo, who stopped the road, quickly flew forward, only heard the sound of explosion behind him. Max went upstairs directly, killed a few 喽 Luo in a elliptical room and obtained the supply. After a bodyguard, I just wanted to chase upstairs, but the ladder was blown up by the leader at the end. Max had to open an automatic escalator next to it, took the ladder upstairs and went out. He was also thrown downstairs and made MAX unable to climb up. What should I do? Do you let this garbage escape? While shooting the steel frame connection (yellow) of the lampshade with a gun, there are two layers! After the shooting is completely, the leader is completely exposed to the muzzle of MAX. Max poured all the angry bullets to his body! That then The garbage finally fell down the floor with the huge lamp pillars! Everything is over !!!

      When Max picked up the dying Na! Infinite emotions boiled to the heart and lungs, Na finally took a trace of satisfaction, a few times, a few times, a few times, a few times, a few times, a few times, a few times, a few times, a few times, a few times, a few times, a few times, a few times, a few times, a few times, a few times, a few times, a few, Unfortunately, I left in the arms of MAX, who was stubborn, and Max leaned over to Na Yi's long kiss! Accompanied by the long-awaited siren in my ear, and endless long nights, a long night of lightning-a lightning night -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----- A classic and beautiful ending unique to Hollywood!
      First build a shortcut on the desktop. Then right-click the shortcut, select "Properties", and then add "-Developer" to the "target" command.

      For example: "C: Max payne 2maxpayne2.exe -Developer"

      Then use this shortcut to enter the game, press the "F12" key to call the console, enter:

      CLEAR -Clear command screen
      CLR -
      coder -all weapons unlimited ammunition
      God -invincible n mortal -cancel the invincible
      -get to get All weapons
      Quit -exit the game
      showfps -display frame number
      -display beyond some frame number
      -enter bullet time mode R n -Get 1000 rounds of ammunition
      -desert Eagle to get 1000 rounds of ammunition
      -dragunov get 1000 rounds of ammunition
      getingram -Ingram R n -molotov Cocktail gets 1000 rounds of ammunition
      getmp5 -MP5 to get 1000 rounds of ammunition
      -get 1000 rounds of ammunition
      -sawed -OFF Shotgun to get 1000 rounds of ammunition n getsniper -Sniper -Sniper Gun gets 1000 rounds of ammunition
      -striker gun Get 1000 rounds of ammunition
      gethealth n jump20 -jump 20 feet high
      jump30 -jump 30 feet high
      showhud -turn on HUD
      Help -more commands

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