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    How to write Halloween English


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      in the western countries, have "halloween" on october 31 every year, the makes an for countries tradition festival. This one night is one night "being haunted " most among 1 year, therefore also calling "spirit festival". Before more than two thousand years, European Roman Catholic Church fixes November 1 for "Japan of land under heaven believer" (ALL HALLOWS DAY). "HALLOW" is intention of believer. Legend Celt (CELTS) who lives in fields such as Ireland , Scotland has moved this festival forward since B.C. for 500 years, being October 31 one day. They think that should graally are the day being over formally in summer, is just a New Year beginning, a day that grim winter starts. People believes that the soul of a deceased person of old friend meeting returns to the former home field look for the people on living person , BORROWS This in this day at that time, this is person unique hope being able to gain in and. The alive people seizes but a life coming the soul fearing to die then , people puts out away fire , candela thereupon right away in this day , lets rigid soul have no way to look for living person , self soul of dressing the dead up as all sorts of evil-doers is off. , they meeting candela ignites kindling again , start new life for 1 year. The Celt tribe still has legend at that time in the living person is killed on October 31 being used in holding a memorial ceremony for the dead. Have arrived at A.D. 1 century, Roman who has captured the Celt tribe manor has accepted All Saints Day also graally , has abolished but the barbarous method of work burning living human sacrifice dead herefrom. Roman the good harvest festival and Celt ceremony combines, be wearing the dreadful mask , be dressed up as animal or ghosts and monsters, be then for driving demon wandering all around in them away. This is just that the whole world most people is skil l in strange dressing with acient bier today , comes to celebrate the All Saints Day reason. Graally, the time lapse , the All Saints Day have got change , have become active happy get up, rapturous has become main current. Rigid soul looks for a stand-in to return to the world statement also graally, be got rid of and be forgot. Have arrived at the image , picture All Saints Day today, if the witch , the black cat wait , have had lovable and comical friendly face mostly. USA Buddha State: Undersea All Saints Day That the facial make-up type puts on makeup is an All Saints Day tradition program Halloween "one word creation Or many nations is had to get together all in All Saints Day eve , this is called "the All Hallow Een " ", The Eve of All Hallows " ", Hallow een ", "The eve of All ". Ultimate common run of mankind has developed to have become "Halloween" , Chinese intention has into night of All Saints Day. The All SaintS Day DOES Not ask Being Going to Make Trouble AMusin g content of all saints day is "a trick or time", that this But is not from ireland, is to start from a.D. Nine Centuropes Body of Christ But. called by on November 2. Trudge in this a day , disciples in out-of-the-way place province in the , suffer from village "cake of going begging for the soul" using flour and raisin to be made from from door to door . the cake household allegedly believe in prayer of church monk, blessing expecting to get Gods from this protects, let passed-away relative enter Heaven soon. This is concted by the tradition that the family goes begging for asking for the game that candy eats one by one till nowadays to have become the children being carrying the Spanish gourd lantern. The children who is dressed up as damned spirit needs to send out the threat "not asking being made trouble " right away all in the same key all, but the host DOES Not Dare At Ease When Meeting, Cold-Shoulder, DOC trine eats, "please! Eat please"! Candy put into big carry-on the children bags lining at the same time. Still have Spanish gourd vulture empty space besides pawning the lantern story. This is to originate from Ireland the ancient times. That the story is to criticize a people who is called JACK, is a drunken man and loves a practical joke. One day JACK has deceived a demon into having mounted a tree , has carved a cross on the stump, frighten a demon to make him not dare come down, JACK makes a few simple rules with the demon and then right away , let a demon promise Shifarang JACK to will never commit a crime for condition lets him go down a tree. JACK , the person soul both can not go up to the sky and can not go to hell but, his soul of a deceased person can only choose that the small by one candle wanders about leisurely to guiding him between the scope of operation thereupon. All sorts of evil-doers dances On October 30 , 2004 , ONE FAMUS Artist Holds The Balloon Romania Chil dren in the All Saints Day activity in capital Bucharest. Within Ireland legend, this small candle has been to there be "JACK LANTERNS " , be called in radish digging empty space in one , that radish light develops but to today, has been Jack- O-Lantern that Spanish gourd makes then. It is said that Irish has arrived at USA being the pet Spanish gourd all, one has prepared , Spanish gourd has become thereupon right away All Saints Day from that the source and sculpture come than the radish wins before long. The Brussels All Saints Day Festival the children is fond of All Saints Day is that children play with happy regards as much as one likes moment. It is hit by in the children eye , is is a festival being full of the color. The veil of night comes , colourful putting on makeup of the children field put on just too impatient to wait is to , puts on the strange mask, mention previous "Jack light " running go out to play. And then "Jack light " is very LOVable, Method of Work I s that Spanish gourd is hollowed out, outside engrave be all smiles the eye and big mouths, having inserted a candle , it is ignited in melon, people just can see this naive smiling face in very distant place. The portable child "Jack light " punishing the ready queen , self as all sorts of evil-doers group, runs before the neighbour door of a house , as the field is shouting: "Ask a practical joke to still be to being " ", given money to still being eaten" . If the alt them without candy , small change,those naughty children will abide by ones promise: You do not entertain , I make fun of you right away well. They cover the household doornob with a soap sometimes , cover otherss cat with colour sometimes . These small practical jokes often make an alt be able neither to cry nor to laugh. Certainly, great majority are happy to entertain these naive young guests all very much. Therefore the children of All Saints Day eve abdomen Saide is always full , the bag Pretends. The most pop ular All Saints Day eve game is "to bite an apple ". When game, people lets an apple float in the basin filling water to full And then under the condition of disusing hand, a use mouth is gone to bite an apple , who is bitten first by the children to arrive at, who is a winner

    2. Next to Christmas, Halloween is the most in the United States and Canada. This ancient festival far from North America however, and centuries before the first European set foot on the continent. rnThe ancient Druids 督伊德教(古代高卢人与不列颠人的一种宗教)的教徒who inhabited what we now call Great Britain placed great on the passing of one season to the next, holding "Fire Festivals" which were for three days (two days on either side of the day itself). rnOne of these festivals was called Samhain ( Sha-Von) and it took place on October 31 through to November 1. During this period, it was believed that the between our world and the world of the dead were weakened , allowing spirits of the recently dead to cross over and possess the living. rnrnIn order to make and their homes less inviting to these wayward spirits, the ancient Celts(凯尔特人)would douse (插入水中, Extinguish it, get wet) all their fires. TheRe was also a secondary pulpose to this, after all their fires, they friend re-light them from a command source, The Druidic Fire that was kept burning at usinach, in the middle of Ireland.

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