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    Seek Olympic English


    Sep 22, 2022
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    1. "One World, One Dream," I Hope My Dream Will Become a Reality.
      "The same world, the same dream", I hope my dream can become reality.

      Beijing Olympic Games Must be a true "Green Olympics, Peoples Olympics, Hi-Tech Olympics" From OURSELELELELELVES and FROM NOW.
      The Humanities Olympic Games, Science and Technology Olympic Games "starts from me, starting from now.

      100 sentences of citizen Olympic English
      i. Good wishes Wish Wish

      1. Good Luck! I wish you good luck (I wish you good luck)!

      2. All the best! best wishes to you!

      3. have a good trip! Happy journey!

      4. Wish you a success! wish you success!

      5. have a good day! I wish you a happy today!

      6. I hope to see you soon. I hope to see you soon.

      7.! Congratulations (you)! /Congratulations!

      8. Happy Birthday! Happy birthday!

      9. I wish you the best of health! I wish you good health!

      10. Long Live Our! May our friendship last!

      ii. Asking for and offering help request to help

      11. Could you help me? Can you help me? me a favor? Can you help me be busy?

      13. Would you please give me a hand? R n15. Can (May) I help you? Can I help you?

      16. Let me help you.

      17. ITS Very Kind of You! You are so good!

      iii. Asking the way

      18. Excuse me, can you tell Me the way to the station?

      . How do I go to the station?

      19. Straight on.

      20. GO DOWN This Street. Then turn left. Go along this street and turn left.

      21. Turn right at the second crossing. Turn right at the second intersection.

      22. Im sorry. I have no idea where it is. Sorry, I don't know where it is.

      23. Thank you all the good.

      24. Is it far from here?

      25. Yes. YOUD Better take a bus.

      26. Its about 1 kilometer from here. It is about one kilometer from here.

      27. Excuse me, does the bus No. 4 stop at the china trade center?

      28. How long is the ride? How long does it take to take a car?

      29. It will take about 20/twenty minutes. It takes about 20 minutes.

      30. Thank you very much. ITS a Pleasure. Happy to serve you.

      iv. Shopping shopping language

      31. Can I help you? What do you want to buy?

      32. Yes, id like to build a book. Yes, I want to buy this book.

      33. OK. Here you are.

      34. How much is it?

      36. May I help you? What do you want to buy?

      37. Yes, I want to build a shirt. Yes, I want to buy a shirt.

      38. What color/size/style do you want? What color/size/look should I want?

      39. . Blue/red/green/white/black

      40. Its wonderful. I like it very much. I really like it.

      41. All right. Ill take it. Okay, I buy this shirt.

      42. Where can I pa?

      43. You can pay at the cashier over there.

      44. Can I use my credit card? Can I use a credit card?

      45. Sure. Go ahead. Of course. Please.

      46. Heres your Change/Receipt.

      47. Thanks for your good service. Thank you for your enthusiastic service!

      48. Do Come Again, please. Welcome to again.

      49. Thank you. Thank you! Youre welcome. No need to thank.

      v. English restaurant English

      50. May I have a look at the menu/wine list? Please show me the recipe/drink list.

      51. Whats the specialty of this? What is the signature dish of this restaurant?

      52. Are you ready to order? Can you order it now?

      53. ID like something spicy. I want to eat some spicy things.

      54. What do you recomed? Is there any dish to recommend it?

      55. The steak sounds good to me.

      56. Im Full. Icant Eat Any More.

      57. Bill, please driver, checkout.

      58. Keep the change. No need to find change.

      vi. Time, days and months time, week and month

      59. What time is it? Oclock. Six o'clock.

      61. Excuse me, the money you tell me the time?

      63. Excuse me, have you get the time, please, please, what time is it now?
      n64. ITS a quarter to nine.

      65. What day is it today? What day is today?

      66. Its sunday/tuesday/Wedness/Thursday/Friday/Saturday. Today is Sunday/Monday// Tuesday / Thursday / Thursday / Friday / Saturday.

      67. Whats the date today? What number today?

      68. TODAY is Aug. 2nd. Today is August 2.

      69. What month is it? Today is the month?

      70. ITS January/FEBURARY/MARCH/April/May/July/SEPTEMBER N
      /October/November/December. Essence

      71. When we you born?

      72. I was born in 1949/nineteen forty-nine. I was born in early 1949.

      vii. Guests entertain guests

      73. Hello! Hello! How are you doing?

      74. Hello! Welcome to our unit (home)! SIT DOWN, PLEASE. Hello! Welcome to our unit (home)! Please sit.

      75. Would you like a cigarette? Do you smoke?

      76. NO. Thanks. No, I don't smoke. thanks.

      77. Would you like to drink some, coffee, tea or cola? What do you want to drink, coffee, tea, or cola?

      78. Tea is fine with me. Thank you. Just drink tea. Thanks!

      79. Help yourself to some fruits. Please eat some fruits.

      80. GIVE/PASS Me a Cup of Tea/A Glass of Water, Please! Please hand it to me a cup of tea/.

      81. Cheers! Toast!

      82. To our! Toast for our friendship!

      83. Thanks a lot.

      viii. Other other terms

      84. Whats the weather like today? How about the weather today?

      86. Lovely Day, isnt it? The weather is good, right?

      87. Autumn is the best season here. Autumn is the best season here.

      88. Where are you from? Where are you?

      89. IM from Hong Kong. I am from Hong Kong.

      90. Are you American? Are you an American?

      91. No, im chinese. No, I am Chinese.

      ix. Saying goodbye go back.

      94. Goodbye then all the very best! Goodbye, I wish you smooth!

      95. Please say hello to your family.

      96. I hope youll come back to China Again! I hope you can come to China again!

      97. Ill do that.

      98. See you agin in the nearfuture.

      99. Take care.

      100. Goodbye! (See you!) Goodbye!

    2. Sprint/Middle-Distance/Long Run sprint/medium/long-distance run
      marathon Matsatsu
      relay race; Relay relay
      hurdles; Hurgle RACE column
      walking; walking race Sai
      high jump jumping
      pole jump; Pole Vault pole jump
      long jump long jump
      high skip and jump three -level jump
      shot put shot
      DISCUS iron cake nWeight Throw chain ball
      gavelock; javelin javelin
      decathlon men's ten all -around (100 meters running, long jump, shot, high jump, 400 -meter running, 110 -meter cross -column running, iron cake jump, 1500 -meter running) )
      Women's Seven Almighty (100 meters cross -column, high jump, shot, 200 meters, long jumps, tunnels, 800 meters running)
      triathlon Iron Man three: swimming (1500 meters); bicycle (40 kilometers); running; running (10 kilometers)
      Fighting: Shooting
      amens/Womens Shooting 10M Air Rifle
      Men/Women's 10 -meter gas rifle
      amens shooting 10m Air Pistol men/women's 10 -meter gas pistol
      shooting trap Multi -directional flying saucer
      shooting 10m running tar for 10m mobile target
      Shooting 25m pistol 25m sports pistol
      diving: diving
      amens diving 10m platform men/women 10 meters double doubles Power jump
      Mens/WOMENS 10M Platform men/women 10m jumpers
      amens/womens 3m platform men/women 3m springboard
      amens 3m
      N swimming: Swimming
      400 Medley 400m mixed swimming
      Freestyle free swimming
      Rowing: rowing
      CANOE/Kayak Kayak
      CANOE SLALOM Qing boat
      sailing sailing sports n (rowing and fencing) supplementary race n Gymnastics:
      rings suspension
      balance beam Balance wood
      AMAULTING HORSE jumping horse
      womens artistic uneven bars high bars
      womens art Artistic Parallel Bars Athletic gymnastics men's double bars
      ames artistic bar gymnastics men's single bars
      ames artistic team finals men's/women's group gymnast Finals
      Fighting: Fencing
      men's/wmeen's feencing Sabre Men/Women's Sword
      Mens Fencing (Team) Foil Sword Men (Group) Flower Sword
      WOMEN's Fencing Foil Fenate Woman Flower Sword R r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r
      Mens/WOMEN's Fencing (Team) EPEE fencing men/women (group) Heavy sword

      Mens 77kg men's 77 kg weight
      womens 75 kg women 75 kg or higher level Weightlifting
      Clean and Jerk raised
      snatch grab
      ball sports: Ball Games
      golf golf ball
      table tennis table tennis
      baseball baseball
      football/soccer football
      tennis tennis
      softball ball
      boxing: boxing
      Taekwondo: Taekwondo

      figure skating figure skating
      Wrestling: wrestling
      Freestyle Wrestling Free Wrestling
      Greece-Roman Wrestling Classical Wrestling
      Bicycle: Cycling
      indivial/Team Pursuit Person The race
      womens 500m time trial Women's 500m timing race
      ames 1km time trial
      men's 1 km chronograph
      amens team sprint men (male 4000 meters, female 3000 3000 Mi)
      ames Team Sprint Men's Team Chasing (4000 meters)
      ames/Womens Points Race Men/Women's Ranning Men/Women : Cross Country Mountain Cars: Off -Road
      dressage dance step
      jumping indivial show jumping single horses surpass obstacle competition
      Olympic sports project

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