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    The English name of the NBA team uniform


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    1. 湖人Lakers 马刺Spurs 掘金Denver Nuggets rn开拓者Blazers 爵士Utah Jazz 森林狼Timber Wolves rn勇士Warriors 火箭Huston Rockets 黄蜂New Orleans 小牛Dallas 灰熊Memphis Grizzliesrn太阳Phenix(PHX) Suns Clipper CLIPPERS King Kings
      Thunder Oklahoma City Thunder

      New Jersey Nets New York Knicks
      Raptors Cleveland Cavaliers Pistons Detroit Pistons N Bull Chicago Bulls Pacers R R

      The name cannot be sure either the front is or the back
      because the NBA stipulates that each team seems to change the jersey every season and the names on the main away jersey are not the same. Jersey

    2. Philadelphia 76ers
      In Indiana Paces
      (Seattle supersonic Seattle) (Oklahoma City Thunder)
      Ti Los Angeles Lakers INDIANA PACERS
      Detroit Pistons
      Golden Denver Nuggets
      Utah Jazz
      Portland Trail Blazers
      Boston Celtics
      Los Angeles Clippers
      Atlanta Eagles Hawks
      This San Antonio spurs
      Toronto Raptors
      Orando magic Orlando Magic n New York Knicks n Washington Wizards n Krishi Fulan Caval Cleveland Cavaliers
      Miami Heat Miami Heat
      Minnesota Timber Wolf Minnesota
      N Dallas Mavericks

    3. 西部联盟1.菲尼克斯太阳phoenix suns2.圣安东尼奥马刺san antonio spurs3.西雅图超音速seattle .达拉斯小牛dallas .萨克拉门托国王kings6.休斯顿火箭houston rockets7.孟菲斯灰熊memphis .洛杉矶湖人L.A. Lakers9.明尼苏达森林狼Minnesota .丹佛掘金Denver Nuggets11.洛杉矶快船L.A. .波特兰开拓者Portland Trail Blazers13.犹他爵士Utah Jazz14.金州勇士Golden State .新奥尔良黄蜂New Orleans Hornets 东部联盟1.迈阿密热火Miami Heat2.底特律活塞Detroit Pistons3.波士顿Celtics Boston Celtics

    4. Generally printed on the team's uniform

      team: Home and away
      There is a)
      76 person Sixers Sixers
      Celtics Boston
      The piston Pistons Detroit
      Wizards Wizards Wizards
      Knicks New York New York
      Bobcats Charlotte
      Pacers Indiana
      Nuggets Danver
      Jazz Jazz Utah
      Thunder Thunder Thunder
      Ship Clippers Clippers
      The Lakers Lakers Lakers
      King Kings
      The Hornet New Orleans New Orleans
      Rocket Rockets Houston

    5. The team uniform of the NBA is that there is no English name
      . The team's uniforms and training uniforms are printed with team names
      just like the upstairs played upstairs
      The name without the names of each team is at most the team personnel call the clothing NBA Team University
      or directly called Gym Suits

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