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    What are the rules of playing card bragging?


    Sep 23, 2022
    One thought on “What are the rules of playing card bragging?”
    1. The rules of playing card bragging game are:
      This gameplay requires at least three people to participate, and at least one poker card is required, and the king of them is removed, and then the poker card is distributed to all participants on average. Here I assume that the participants are A, B, and C. rnA随机拿出一张牌背扣在桌面上(假使这张牌的数字是5),然后随机的说一个数字(可以是这张牌上的数字,也可以不是。)r N is then B, B can question whether the number said is correct. If B guesses the right, A takes this card back, and B continues the operation of step 2; if B guesses wrong, then B takes this one to take this one away The card, continue the operation of step 2. B can also choose to give up by C to guess, or like a card as A, let C guess.
      b when it is the same as A, the number should be the same as A, but the numbers on the card are not necessarily the same as the previous person. C can only target B when guessing the card, not for A. With such a cycle, the first person who finished the card won.
      This playing card bragging game winning and losing judgment method:
      1, victory:
      The first card in the hand is the winner, everyone else is a loser. The number of cards in the loser deducted the score of each card representative, and the winner won the score of all losers.
      2, abnormal treatment:
      If a player does not respond in 40 seconds, the game program will give up for the player. In addition to the abnormal departure of the game, in addition to the number of disconnects, 104 will also be deducted by the division of each card representative.

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