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    What is the rules of bragging of the dice?


    Sep 23, 2022
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    1. When starting the game, the players need to shake the dice, and then watch the dice in the dice cup to prevent others from seeing it. In the first game, the His Holiness first "called" or "women's priority", followed the clockwise wheel to the next family.
      After the dice is opened, if the number of points of the dice is not enough, the total number of all players is half of the total number of players, and the punishment of the dice is doubled. For example: 12 points are called dice, but there are only 5 6 points. In less than half of 12, the dice should drink double the number of codes.
      otential, if the number of points of the dice is more than double the total number of actual participants, the punishment of the dice is doubled. For example, the dice is called 5 points, but there are actually 11 5 points, which is doubled by 5, that is, 10, the number of people who boost the dice, the number is as follows:
      1. Do not fast: Usually the "1" point of the dice can be used as any number, but it is called fast, that is, the "1" point is not used in any number, so if you do not call any number (standard name, Example: "2 Zhai", "3 6 Zhai").
      2, split: ignore the order of the dice order directly "split" a player. "Slap", the loser will double punishment.
      3, Feizhai: When "fasting", you can remove "fast" by "flying". You need to "call" double or more dice. (Example: The upper family called "2 Zhai", and the next family can be called "4 2 flying" and you can break fast).
      4, anti -split: When being "split", you can choose "anti -split".
      5, one person: one name, there are several people on the spot, it means how many 1 is.
      The background setting
      In the eyes of Chinese people, the wine bureau, dinner, KTV, clup, and bar are indispensable in entertainment, that is, the dice shake and shake the dice. This is a simple simulation dice. In the gameplay of the dice, it includes a dice -ratio gameplay. feature).
      The dice shaking the dice Bo cake is simple, including the first show, the second, four -entry, three red, confrontation, champion and so on. It takes four points of a dice, one appears four points and one show, two four points are called two, three are three reds, four are four entrances, and they are the champion. Essence

    2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenThe basic gameplay of answering the bragging dice is: each person shakes once, see the points in his cup, guess the points of the other party, and then start to sip from the dealer to drink all the dice in the dice cup in the dice cup. M n (such as 2 points, 2 points, 6 o'clock, 3 4 points, etc.); the other party analyzes and determines whether this is true or not. There are at least one number of M and N is greater than the number of the upper family (for example, 2 5 of the upper family, and 2 6, 3, 4, 4 5 and other are legal); if the next family does not believe it Then open the cup to verify, and the total number of dice in the dice cup of everyone. If there are at least M n points, the home will win, and the instead will win the family. If there are only 4 points when you open the cup, you will lose. If there are 5 or more 6 points, you will lose). Generally, there are some rules of the auxiliary cows: such as 1 point can be changed as any point, but once they are called, they can only be used back to themselves; Wait.nDear remember to give me a praisenQuestion how to play with a bragging cow detailednThe answer is that the point is added, whoever said more than who loses firstnQuestions such as one by one, one five, one six, how is it callednAnswer this is a psychological war in my heartnAsk one can be five, can it be six?nAnswer you can say that one, two or three cannIt depends on he can't open younBecause he doesn't know what you arenSo it is blockednbetnAsk me to say three five, I don't, but people have it, do I lose if I have it?nThe answer depends on how many people add upnIf there are three more than three, you will winnMore 13nBleak

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