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    Where is the self -built house of the landlord?


    Sep 23, 2022
    One thought on “Where is the self -built house of the landlord?”
    1. On the homepage of JJ Doumian, click on more friends in the right side to find the self -built house. After entering the friend's room, we can create our own room at this entrance. Of course, we can directly enter the partner's creative room. When setting, play with the white label of the seat and seat, and then press the green grid to create.
      jj Douju ​​Lord Introduction
      jj Landlord is a online chess and card game launched by competitive World Network Technology Co., Ltd. in the form of a game. In addition to the traditional classic landlord gameplay, it has also developed a number of derivatives such as Lai Zidou, Lightning Landlord, and Two Landlords.
      jj fighting Landlord is a core product of competitive World Beijing Network Technology Co., Ltd., and played chess and card games in a group JJ bucket owner to weave the game, replacing the traditional form of scattered table games, making online chess and cards more professional and competitive characteristics Essence
      The game with competition as the core appeal, providing a variety of different competition systems such as knockout system, circular competition system, double defeat knockout system, points promotion system, grouping game system, establishment of the game system, Swiss displacement competition system, and resurrection system system, etc. Various competition systems can combine different schedules to hold a variety of competitions.
      In the process of promoting mass chess and card competition, and actively cooperated with the State General Administration of Sports, launched the rules of the Chinese Erda Poker Competition, that is, the Landlist competition rules, and held the JJ Landlist Champion Cup brand event.

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